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This morning I received the following email inviting me to an event at the Tianjin climate conference: "IGES AWG-KP14/AWG-LCA12 Side event on MRV in NAMAs and the CDM". The UNFCCC has been criticised for being an “exclusive priesthood” that speaks in a language completely incomprehensible to the public. I wonder why.

For the record it means: Institute for Global Environmental Strategies Ad-Hoc Working Group Kyoto Protocol/ Ad-Hoc Working Group Long-term Cooperative Action Side event on Measurable, Reportable and Verifiable greenhouse gas emissions reductions in Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions and the Clean Development Mechanism.

And what does that mean? Well…

Now more than ever…

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Nobel Prize: a comparison

From the Nobel Prize Foundation website we read the following:The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2010 was awarded jointly to Richard F. Heck, Ei-ichi Negishi and Akira Suzuki "for palladium-catalyzed cross couplings in organic synthesis". Does general public care what is "palladium-catalyzed cross couplings in organic synthesis" ? I don't know, but at least I don't care, because I know it is something important for man, that is all. And frankly speaking, your complaint only suggests the mail has come to one wrong receiver. You are supposed to educate the public, using condensed and easy-going language, but only after the conference. The conclusion I can draw from the comparison is, Nobel Prize is far more important than the garrulous climate change conference.Aren't we trying to influence the general public here ?

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We need 10 Nobel Prizes before we fundamentally resolve the climate change problem

Maybe even more; the problem of climate change is too complicated, because it involves as many as several billion people, and up to 200 variously self-interested governments. Several thousand scientists are working diligently [on this], but forming subgroups and convening meetings is just commonplace. As for the public, that is, ordinary people and a few ignorant people, they like bustle and fun, but don’t have any specialist knowledge; so we want bustle, but where does that bustle come from? Lay the foundations inside the conference room, big brother.

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Registration and moderation

Requiring registration before making comments is a subtle way to "track" us, like a refined check. It makes people like me who likes to "talk" concerned. I don't quite understand why chinadialogue is doing this. It wouldn't be because of implications from the government, would it? Elsewhere, we seem to be able to speak our minds. The different styles and flow of ideas make it much more lively. It is tradition in China for scholars to disagree with each other, which will affect the morale and popularity but maybe it won't affect the money. You are a non-profit organization,right?

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New comment system

The new system is designed to facilitate the communication among readers, and to encourage interaction through replying and commenting. The personal information which the readers submit when they register on our website is fully confidential. Thanks for supporting us!

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Thanks for replying

Mutually replying and evaluating in order to encourage interaction, is not likely in a China where scholars think little of each other, but in dialogue between China and abroad, maybe it would be different. The government also speaks to us like this, all for our own good.

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MRV is the most important

Among all of these, I think the most important is MRV. Yet MRV is want we are most opposed to, which is a central problem. Mr Tan wouldn't happen to have gone to the meeting or have some information that can be divulged?

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Tianjin climate talks hopeful about reaching agreement on technology and capital transfer? If only

Su Wei, China's top climate negotiator and head of the climate change department of the National Development and Reform Commission and currently attending the UN climate change talk in Tianjin, today told domestic and foreign media that there was great hope that agreement on capital and technology transfer would be reached at these talks.

Capital and technology transfer have long been the two stumbling blocks in climate negotiations. In April, June, and August, there have already been three sets of negotiations. The Tianjin talk is the last stop before the Cancun talk at the end of this year, and so whether any breakthroughs can be made on these two issues at Tianjin is of paramount importance to the smooth progression of the Cancun talk.

In reply to journalists' questions, Su Wei replied that the final result will not only be decided by the developing countries; if developed countries show a genuine interest, then it is very possible to realise this goal.

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The importance of MRV from the point of view of China's overseas aid

What if our country had made such a demand for MRV earlier?
No-one can say for certain how much money China has spent on overseas aid. Someone told Li Zizheng, visiting China in 1976, that China had spent 20 billion US dollars, basically all as donations. Then (as till now) we have been so poor, our people have been suffering, but yet we've been so generous to other countries, so charitable. But what have we gained in exchange? Should we not seriously reflect on this?

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Chinese guns were thrown into an Albanian furnace

Aid is a large field of study, and MRV is just one part of it. America and other NATO countries started reequipping Albania, gradually phasing out Chinese weapons completely.So, where did the 11000 or more guns and other military equipment that China donated to Albania go? All of these were sent to the steelworks as scrap iron to be melted down.

In order to please America and the NATO countries, the Democratic Party of Albania was ready to to give these weapons to them so they could research China's current level of equipment capability. However, America and the Western European countries did not accept, because they had already done this research long ago and because China had started to modernise its military, gradually renewing its equipment, and these old weapons had lost their research value. Therefore, they were all sent to the steelworks.

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The Minister of Trade: Working Hard to Initiate A New Phase of Foreign Aid Work

In order to thoroughly implement the nation-wide foreign aid conference spirit, Minister of Trade Chen Deming in the October 1 2010, 19th issue of “Qiushi" published a signed article "Working Hard to Initiate a New Phase of Foreign Aid Work". The following is the entire text:

"China's foreign aid is an important component part of our foreign affairs work, for the last 60 years it's success has attracted worldwide attention, it has been regarded as a model of "South-to-South cooperation", it has received wide praise from the international community and positive evaluations from aid-receiving countries. Not long ago, the State Council convened the Ninth Foreign Aid Work Conference, which basically covered 60 years of China's foreign aid experience, and on the foundation of a scientific analysis of the situation, advanced a deployment strategy for the the next period of foreign aid work. We must stand on the starting point of a new history, study conscientiously, be understanding, and fulfill this conference's spirit, as we grasp the central task of the current and future period of foreign aid work, work hard to initiate a new phase of foreign aid work."

Think about MRV, Mr. Minister