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工作机会 Work for China Dialogue

We are currently recruiting a part-time Social Media Intern at the China Dialogue Trust London office. Please see the job description and how to apply here.

We are also recruiting a part-time Researcher, based in London. Please see the job description and how to apply here

中外对话的工作机会会在出现职位空缺时发布在网站上。实习机会,请发送简历至[email protected]
Job vacancies with China Dialogue will be posted here when they become available. For internships, please email your CV and cover letter to [email protected]

志愿者 Volunteer

您也可以成为中外对话 的志愿翻译。 如果您有意加入,请将您的详细信息发送至[email protected].

此外我们的伦敦办公室正在招募两位实习生,其中一位将支持编辑部门,工作内容包括调研、分析乃至撰写文章;另一位将支持中外对话在各英文社交媒体平台的传播工作。如感兴趣,请将个人简历和自荐信发送到[email protected]

We need volunteers who speak English and Chinese to help us translate user comments. If you would like to be considered for this, please email your details to [email protected].

We also run a London-based internship scheme. Current internships available:

  • Editorial Internship: to support editorial tasks including research, writing and analysis. For more information or if you would like to apply, please send a cover letter and CV to [email protected].


投稿事项 Write for China Dialogue

"中外对话"以全球环境事务为主题,尤其关注中国环境问题。网站内容采用中英两种语言。本网站所发表的文章来源于社会各界人士的作品,包括环境专家、政府决策者、 环境事务活动家、作家、记者、传媒界人士以及广大关注环境问题的市民。我们热烈欢迎您在这里发表大作,如果您有投稿意向,请与[email protected]联系。


  • 请将您的文章字数尽量控制在1200个英文单词或2000个汉字之内。我们保证将网站上所有的文章都用中英文两种语言发表, 因此如果您能够将字数控制在上述建议范围之内,将会为我们的工作带来很大的帮助。
  • 浏览网站,熟悉我们的语言风格。"中外对话"也发表特写文章,书目评鉴和特约博客,如果您有投稿意向,请与[email protected]联系。
  • 由于"中外对话"是以全世界的普通网友为对象的,因此请您在撰写文章时,务必考虑到读者中可能有些人并不熟悉相关的具体情况。请您一定记得进行一个简要的解释, 或者附上一个能够找到相关情况介绍的网址。
  • 请您也给我们附上相关的链接,如概况、问题阐释和扩展信息等内容。
  • 请附上您的个人简历,只需要最主要的个人信息,短短几行即可。

China Dialogue publishes in English and Chinese on global environmental issues, with a special focus on China. We publish articles by journalists, academics, experts, policymakers, activists and concerned citizens. We welcome unsolicited submissions so if you would like your article to be considered for publication, please contact us at [email protected]. However, first read the following guidelines:

  • Please try to keep your article length to around 1,200 words in English or 2,000 characters in Chinese. China Dialogue publishes high-quality reportage, opinion and analysis pieces, but not academic-length articles.
  • Read the website to familiarise yourself with our style. As well as our feature length articles, China Dialogue publishes book reviews and guest blog posts. Send an email to [email protected] if you are interested in contributing a piece to these sections.
  • Please bear in mind that China Dialogue is read all over the world. When you write your article, think of the reader who may not be familiar with local references and remember to provide a short explanation, or a link to a site where an explanation may be found.
  • Please supply us with further links that provide context, explanation or further reading, but do not include footnotes.
  • Please supply us with a few lines of your own biography.


著作权 Copyright

在"中外对话"上发表的文章,其著作权仍归作者所有。但是,在一年之内,我们将保留将您的文章用于商业出版的权利。为了保证让全世界尽可能多的人们读到您的文章, "中外对话"建议作者将其作品置于英国的共享知识组织"署名-非商业性使用-禁止演绎"的创作共用授权许可制度之下。 这意味着,如果一个非商业性网站将文章全文复制、 不进行任何改动,并且告知和作者与"中外对话"网站,那么该网站就可以转载这篇文章。

The copyright for articles published on China Dialogue remains with the author. However, we assume the right to syndicate your writing to commercial publications around the world for one year. To ensure that as many people around the world have a chance to read your article, China Dialogue asks that its writers release their work under a UK Creative Commons attribution, non-commercial, no derivative works licence. This means that non-commercial websites may reproduce this material, provided they reproduce it in its entirety, do not alter it, credit the author and fully credit China Dialogue.

个人信息保护 Data Protection


China Dialogue never gives out email addresses or other contact details for any of our authors. If we are approached for such details, we will contact the author. Please ensure that we have up to date contact information for you.


支持中外对话 Support China Dialogue

您有多种方式参与中外对话。首先,我们乐于听取您对环境问题的看法。如果您喜爱我们的工作,请告诉您的朋友并邀请他们加入有关中国环境问题的唯一的双语网站的讨论。 请将您对文章的意见看法,您身边发生的新闻,或者与您的组织的链接发送至 [email protected]

There are many ways to participate in China Dialogue. First and foremost, we are interested in hearing your views on the environment. If you like what we do, spread the word to those who want to join in the world's only web-based bilingual discussion with China on the environment. Email [email protected] with your ideas for articles, news of your activities and links to your organisation.

For information on how you can support China Dialogue financially, please contact: [email protected].


媒体专页 Press

如果您是媒体工作者,打算采访某一位作者或者发表本网站的文章,请与[email protected]联系。

If you are a member of the press and would like to interview an author or one of our staff, please contact [email protected]